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Why 55M?

55M is a Tasmanian-based People Advisory Business. We believe in people and that better never stops. 55M originates from the Einstein quote; 
“If I had an hour to solve the world’s biggest problem, I’d spend 55 minutes working out what the problem is and 5 minutes on the solution."
Simply, this is what we do with our clients.
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The ampersand is a symbol of connection between two elements. For us, the ampersand describes how our values combine and come to life for you.

The concept of the ampersand can be likened to salt. Salt is a mineral composed of two elements, sodium and chloride. If individually ingested, each is toxic to humans.  However, when these elements are combined, salt is formed, which is essential for life.

In a similar way, each of our values in isolation can be problematic, leading to unintended consequences. For instance, while engaging with ‘Candour’ alone enables us to deliver transparent and difficult feedback to our clients, if it is not coupled with ‘Care’, we can unwittingly undermine trust and reduce willingness to accept or engage openly with feedback.

Our ampersands set the expectations for how we engage with and work alongside your organisation given the context of your challenges.

Below are some examples of how you will experience our ampersands when working with us.

Hover or tap on our values below to explore them individually 

We pursue creative, novel and untried options.

We take a position.

We stretch towards achieving the best outcome.

We confidently navigate ambiguity.

We don't take the easy route if it compromises the result.

We believe in the potential of people.

We step into the shoes of others.

We choose actions that build the well-being of your people.

We galvanise people to be part of the solution.

We don’t assume every person or team is the same, we individualise our action.

We unlock the expertise, knowledge and experience of others.

We listen and observe to understand.

We are passionately and respectfully curious to uncover why.

We collaborate to build the best solution.

We don't assume our way is the only way.

We communicate what's working and what's limiting progress.

We embrace difficult conversations to uncover opportunities.

We use information to support our assessment.

We invite candid feedback to create a partnership of openness.

We don't tell you what you want to hear, but what’s really happening.

Ampersand Values

Care & Candour

Demonstrating understanding is critical if we are to help leaders and organisations step out of their comfort zone to embrace their current realities, their strengths, their weaknesses, and new opportunities.

Approaching our clients from a position of genuine concern and interest, we listen and observe, empathising with people’s concerns, motivations and current struggles.  By building rapport and trust, an environment is created where difficult messages can be shared, but can also be embraced as a springboard for identifying possible solutions and building optimism about a new way of operating.  

Care & Candour
Humility & Bold

Humility & Bold

Being curious about what is possible and what others can bring to the table is essential if we are to build the commitment of your people to doing things better and stretching to achieve outstanding results. 

Knowing that the same approach does not fit every organisation, we engage in genuine consultation and robust dialogue to harness diverse ideas and expertise, to help us arrive at the best solution.  In doing so, we establish an environment of mutual respect, where we challenge you to consider innovative approaches, galvanising your leaders and employees to leverage their knowledge and skills to pursue a better way of doing things.

Care & Bold

Demonstrating empathy while charting a clear course is essential for instilling confidence in our ability to help you solve your most wicked problems and reduce resistance to change. 

Recognising and conveying our understanding of your people’s concerns helps build trust and a platform where employees are open to new ideas and alternative ways of operating.  We combine this understanding with surety in the way we engage with your people, providing clear guidance and optimism about what can be achieved, helping your leaders and organisation feel confident in the direction they need to go.

Care & Bold
Candour & Humility

Candour & Humility

Encouraging a stance of curiosity combined with candid feedback is key to helping your organisation take ownership of their pain points and move with greater speed towards problem solving. 

We encourage your people to question current realities and identify the best opportunities for growth by clearly outlining key issues, and facilitating honest, respectful dialogue between individuals.  Recognising that we aren’t experts in every field, we amplify diverse perspectives and expertise, from inside and outside the organisation to encourage innovation, continuous improvement and propel your people towards finding creative solutions.    


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